Larry Guthrie


With over 35 years in the travel industry, I continue to find joy in booking and exploring new destinations! I have booked everything from adventures in the Alps to Caribbean cruises, and I help all types of travelers experience their dream vacation in any destination. I love every aspect of traveling, and I want to make your next vacation exceptional!

I love booking river cruises in Europe since they allow you to see so much while only unpacking once! I can create an itinerary that includes your must-see sights and activities while also ensuring your favorite meals are available on-board. In the Caribbean, you can enjoy a cruise that arrives at picturesque beaches for a relaxing vacation.

I work closely with my clients to develop the perfect trip every time. I will book an itinerary that matches your interests and is exciting from day one!

Gondola near Rialto Bridge

Some of my favorite and most booked destinations include:

  • Alaska
  • Switzerland
  • The British Isles
  • Austria/Germany
  • Sweden
  • Italy/Greece
  • Mexico

I will take the stress out of traveling so you can relax and enjoy everything on your vacation. Whether you want to taste the local cuisine, appreciate historic architecture, or simply lounge on the beach, I will help you experience exactly what you want without worries!

As a lifelong traveler, I know the importance of creating a balanced itinerary. I always want enough time to enjoy the landmarks while also having time to relax at a local cafe. I will prepare your itinerary in the same way so you can do everything you want without feeling rushed or stressed.

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My wife and I love going on an adventure and discovering areas of the world that we couldn’t necessarily travel to when on a cruise. I have been to Scotland ten times and Ireland two times. The land, the culture and the people are inspiring.

Highlands in Scotland

The one place I cannot wait to get back to is Switzerland. This spectacular country is home to some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever experienced in the world. From the Chapel Bridge to the Dying Lion monument, Switzerland has plenty for visiting travelers to explore. The countryside is lush and green while the small towns have a charming country feel amidst the surrounding mountains. I can give you endless examples of activities, restaurants, and landmarks to experience.


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