BLOG: VIP Services

VIP Services

On the surface, things like private jets, limo service, luxury hotels, dinner at expensive restaurants, or tickets to a major sporting event or concert might seem like business travel excesses that shouldn’t be allowed. After all, the prices of these can seem quite steep in comparison to the average spend of employee business trips.

However, for many companies, these VIP services are an important part of their business. Oftentimes, these services are reserved for company executives. When does it make sense for these services to be a part of your travel program?

Time Savings

The value of time for company executives is often at a premium. Private jet charter is a cost-effective way to get company heads to and from their destinations in a timely manner. The time required at an airport to arrive early, check-in, check baggage, and pass through security isn’t getting any shorter. Not to mention the time spent exiting the plane upon arrival, waiting for your baggage, and navigating to the exit. This time adds up.

Increased Productivity

VIP services also enhance trip productivity. It’s quicker and a more productive use of the executive’s time to have a limo driver greet him at his destination and quickly get him/her to his/her meeting or hotel.  Flagging down taxis, Uber drivers, or waiting on shuttle buses just isn’t a good use of time for travelers.

Business Currency

Finally, in some industries, and in some parts of the world, luxurious meeting accommodations and fine entertaining are the currencies for moving business forward. Corporate hospitality creates the perfect opportunity for face time with clients. Entertain your clients the way you want to with reservations at fine dining establishments or tickets to highly sought-after events with the help of your travel management company.

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