BLOG: Travel Program KPI Goals and Strategy

Travel Data Analytics

KPI (key performance indicator) goals and strategy are at the heart of optimizing your travel program.  For example, whatever overall travel program savings goal you have is going to be achieved or not based on the individual contribution of each KPI towards that objective.

So which KPIs should you focus on?

That can vary across different departments or cost centers in an organization.  If you’re a multinational company and have technicians taking last minute flights to service your equipment, they would probably not be in the best position to positively influence your airline advance purchase KPI.  The point is you want to look at each department, consider what their strengths and weaknesses are related to the travel KPIs you’re measuring and let them focus on what they can influence.

Travel data analytics programs exist today that can detail the travel spend activity of each of your departments, down to the individual traveler, and point out their contributions to your KPI goals, as well as indicate additional savings potential for that department if they were able to change behaviors to more positively influence a particular KPI.  This insight is invaluable for each department, as it empowers them to take control of their metrics.

If you’re not actively managing your KPIs, contact your travel management company to get started – the benefits are worth it.