BLOG: Travel Better with a Business Travel Program

Travel Management Company

As a seasoned traveler you know all the ins and outs of business travel – from the best way to pack your suitcase to the quickest solutions for jet lag. What then, could a business travel program with a travel management company do for you?

The answer is: lots! Business travel programs are designed to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there. All done while providing you support throughout your entire journey. Your travel account manager works closely with you to provide services that cover your needs and exceed your expectations.

Online Booking Tools and Hotel Programs

Working with a travel management company for your travel program gives you access to premier hotel programs. Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited offers our clients access to our Worldwide and Select Hotel Programs. These programs offer flexible, best available, and reduced rate rooms. In addition, you have access to value-added benefits, such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi, at over 34,000 hotel properties in more than 165 countries and 7,000 cities in key business markets. This extensive hotel program is integrated with the company’s booking tool and our agent desktops to allow travelers access to these exclusive rates however they choose to book their travel.

In addition, Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited has a certified administrator for the industry’s two leading corporate booking tools. This means our clients have direct access to a knowledgeable booking tool administrator and do not have to wait for a call back from a third party if they need assistance with the tool.

Elite Status Matching

You’ve flown thousands of miles on a particular airline, and for your loyalty you’ve likely been rewarded with elite status. You enjoy the benefits that provides, such as free upgrades, lounge access, early boarding and more. However, did you know that elite status benefits change from year to year? Those perks you’re enjoying may not be around next year. Did you also know that a rival airline, with benefits that better suit your needs, might be willing to be match your current status?

Airlines, hotels and car rental companies are all vying for your continuous business. Your travel partner account manager can help you sort through the options you have in regards to loyalty programs and help you choose the ones that work best for you.

Travel Insurance

Guard yourself in case things don’t go as planned. As a part of our services, Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited offers our clients travel insurance. Get covered for lost luggage, travel delays, medical emergencies and more. When it comes to re-booking flights and reaching your destination, having a travel management company in your corner makes a world of difference.

Emergency Service Center

As you know, traveling emergencies can happen – and sometimes those emergencies are more serious than others. We offer global toll-free assistance through our 24-hour emergency service provider. Skilled travel agents are there to assist you during crisis situations 24/7/365.

Travel Better

You have your traveling routine down. You know when to show up at the airport, how much to pack, and the best shoes for flying. What you don’t have is hours to spend finding the best-priced hotel room or the fastest flight to your destination. Let someone else focus on the details; you have more important things to do.