Meet Our Agents: Larry

Name: Larry G Guthrie

Title: Vacation Travel Specialist

Years with the Company: 4 years with Travel Leaders, 36 years in the travel industry

Favorite part about your work: Providing travel guidance to help in giving our client the most enjoyable travel experience possible.

Hometown: Dike, Iowa

Favorite Destination: Europe. In my younger days, I spent 2 months traveling with my twin brother using the Eurail Pass and backpacking throughout Europe going from Denmark, Sweden and Norway all the way down to Italy and Greece.  I love Europe and have been there 28 times.

Dream Destination:  Grindelwald, Switzerland.  It has breathtaking scenery with the mountains, green meadows and Swiss cow bells.

Hobbies: Traveling on my motorcycle and/or in my convertible enjoying the beautiful countryside.