Meet Our Agents: Anne

Name: Anne

Title: Owner

Years with the Company: I’ve been traveling since I was 8 years old.

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Favorite Destination: Turkey!  I was fascinated by Ephesus and would tour Istanbul again.

Dream Destination: I visited southern Ireland last year, but would love to visit the Northern region and Scotland. Thailand is on my list as well.

Hobbies: I love running and take every opportunity when it is warm outside. When the weather turns, I stick to my favorite friend inside, my Peloton bike. I play tennis, or at least try. I love to cook healthy, interesting meals, which is questionable if my family will eat it. I read scary books and watch scary movies. I might have a small addiction to the Real Housewives. Of course my favorite hobby is traveling.

Family: My husband and I have a combined family of 6 kids.  Most are out of the house, so very soon we will be empty nesters which means…more travel!

Volunteer: I am involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve had my “Little” for over 2 years now. I am also involved in Hands and Voices which is a nonprofit organization which provides unbiased support for families with deaf or hard of hearing children.