BLOG: Loyalty Program and Elite Status Matching

elite status matching

You’ve flown thousands upon thousands of miles on a particular airline, and for your devotion they have rewarded you with elite status. You enjoy the benefits that your status affords you: free upgrades, lounge access, early boarding, and more.

However, did you know that elite status benefits change from year to year? Those perks that you’re enjoying today may not be around to the same extent next year. In addition, a rival airline may have elite status benefits that are better suited for you and your business. Many times rival airlines are even willing to match your current status. Have you considered elite status matching regarding the hotels you stay at and the car rental companies you rent from?

Travel suppliers are aggressively competing for those road warriors that fly the most miles, have the most hotel nights and rental car days. The elite status benefits offered vary from supplier to supplier, so there’s the possibility that there is a loyalty program out there that could better serve you and your company.

You owe it to yourself to make a comparison, but where do you start? Speak with your travel partner account manager about loyalty program and elite status matching. They will know what the various loyalty programs are currently offering and if there are any changes on the horizon. They can help you sort through your options and help you choose the right one.

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