It’s Never Too Late to Travel

Senior Travel

Travel isn’t restricted to the young – just the young at heart! You’re never too old to start, or continue, seeing the world. Many seniors believe they’ve missed their chance to travel, but we’re here to argue that’s definitely not the case!

In some ways, senior travel is even better than traveling when you’re young. There are many benefits that come from traveling after you retire or semi-retire.


You have little-to-no time constraints

As a retiree and empty-nester, you have few restrictions on when and how long you can travel. You can takes weeks – if not months – to explore and truly immerse yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting. You also have the freedom to travel whenever you want. That means you can avoid adverse weather conditions as well as the crowds that peak traveling season can produce.

You’re eligible for senior discounts

There are all sorts of discounts out there available for seniors, all you have to do is ask! Even if you don’t see one posted where you are, inquire about any senior discounts they have – it never hurts to find out. This can save you money on food, sightseeing excursions, and transportation. It is important to note that in some places in Europe, US citizens are not eligible for senior discounts.

You can meet new people

Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet new people all across the world. Many seniors prefer group travel, which allows them to meet and develop relationships with a number of people as they learn and discover new places together.

Common Fears

Medical Issues

With the right insurance, medical issues don’t have to hold you back from seeing the world. While medicare is not valid outside the US, there are other travel and supplemental insurance plans that allow you coverage almost anywhere you want to go. Make sure to bring any medication you take in its original container and have enough for the duration of your trip. If needed, it is possible to fill a prescription while abroad.

We recommend compiling a list of any medical issues you have, as well as the medications you take. Make sure to list the generic name of your medications, as the name-brand might not be available where you are. For example, if you take Pradaxa, make sure to have the name Dabigatran as well.


Accommodations are not a problem the majority of the time. Again, the key is asking. Make sure to inquire about accommodations any place you stay – elevators are not necessarily a given in every hotel or inn.


Get Started!

There’s no time like the present to start exploring the world! If you’re not quite confident enough to travel on your own, look into group travel or short local trips. There are trips available that fit every need, interest, and experience level. Remember, there is no age limit on new experiences!


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