BLOG: Engage Your Athletics Fans with Travel

Are you providing your athletics fans with opportunities to travel with each other to away games, championships, and bowl games? If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to engage with them and deepen their loyalty to your institution.

Higher education institutions are finding that crafting fan-centric travel packages are a great way to elevate the fan experience away from home. These customized fan trips can include air, lodging, transfers and tickets to the big game, as well as special events just for the fans. Partnering with a travel management company that has experience putting these types of trips together is a wise choice, as there are a lot of moving parts to consider when moving large groups such as these. It’s also a matter of convenience for the fans themselves, as it can be difficult to piece together different parts of an itinerary, especially when attending a championship tournament, or bowl game, for example, as accommodations are often hard to come by and there’s usually not a lot of familiarity with the location they find themselves in. What’s most important however, are the memories that are made with fellow fans and those can last a lifetime and really deepen the fans loyalty to the university or college.

Another way to engage with your fans is with non-game travel, e.g., a cruise centered around your institution’s athletics program. A leisurely cruise that includes talks given by key athletics personnel, such as a head coach or two from your institution’s most popular programs, the athletics director discussing key issues that their department is working through, as well as a former star athlete to reflect on their time at the institution and the future of college athletics can really be a great way to captivate your fans. It truly makes for a memorable experience for the fans and draws them closer to your athletics program and institution.

Consider including fan travel in your overall travel program. It will foster loyalty for your athletics program and institution, as well as provide you with new ways of shaping your relationship with your fans. For assistance, contact Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited.