BLOG: Meet Travel Program Savings Goals

Travel Program Savings Goals

As a company’s air spend grows, the opportunity to consolidate with a carrier and negotiate for discounted fares becomes available.  As soon as the opportunity presents itself, you should act.  Airline contracts are another way for your company to meet its travel program savings goals.

If you’re in a partnership with a travel management company, your account manager should be closely tracking your airline spend. They should notify you when the time is right to speak with your preferred airlines about negotiating discounted fares.

In addition to upfront discounts, other benefits can include priority check-in, preferential upgrade clearance services, transferable unused tickets, and more.

Spend time with your travel manager looking at your travel patterns and identify the carriers that are best suited to serve your company.  Then, compare the benefits they can offer you if you push volume in their direction. Once you’re ready to negotiate, enlist your account manager to do the heavy lifting.

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