BLOG: Conduct Business Everywhere: Find the Travel Program that Works for You

Find the Travel Program For You

Your business doesn’t end at your front door. In fact, chances are your business can be found all across the country, and even across the world. Due to this, you need the ability to be all across the country and the world. Travel agencies provide business travel programs that make being where your business is, as easy as possible.

The Right Size

Finding the right sized travel management company can be very difficult. Large travel management companies have the resources and networks to provide you the service you need. Unfortunately they also have the tendency to put your travel program on auto-pilot a few months after signing your agreement. These “mega” agencies devote their resources to the fortune 100 business that make up a large portion of their clientele.

At the other end of the spectrum is the small “mom and pop” travel agency. Using a small travel agency gives you direct access to management and great customer service, but the services aren’t scalable. They don’t have access to the latest travel management tools or have the buying power to lower your travel costs.

The Best of Both Worlds

The best service model for managing business travel is a partnership with a travel management company that is large enough to have buying power and significant clout with airline, hotel, and car rental suppliers, while providing expert, high-touch service at the same time.

To provide this kind of service, we affiliate ourselves with Travel Leaders, a $20 billion consortium of travel management companies. By partnering with Travel Leaders, Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited has access to its tremendous buying power, the latest in travel management technology, and a global network of Travel Leaders affiliates.

In turn, Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited is able to pass these advantages on to you. Coupled with Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited’s high-touch service, proactive account management, and expert corporate agents, you receive the best possible service model available and receive the highest return on your travel management investment. That means you can do business anywhere with the support of a team of travel experts behind you.

Conduct Business Everywhere

With the support of a travel management company like Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited, you can truly conduct business everywhere. You can meet face to face with that investor in Seattle or your new partner in Tokyo and the details will be taken care of for you. Investing in a business travel program that can provide attentive, proactive expert service matched with buying leverage and the latest in travel management technology gives you and your employees the power to focus on building relationships and growing your business.