BLOG: Choosing Air Consolidator Fares

air consolidator fares

Your travel program might benefit from deeply discounted business-class fares.

Does your company require employees to travel overseas? If so, does your travel policy allow them to fly in business class? For organizations that answered yes to both of these questions, air consolidator fares may be right for you.

Air consolidators purchase business-class fares in bulk from airlines at deeply discounted rates and sell them through travel management companies. These discounts can range anywhere from 20-50 percent off the regular fare.

Tickets purchased from airline consolidators do tend to come with a few more restrictions than full-class fares. For example, these tickets may not qualify for frequent flier miles and flexibility is limited. However, for some companies or specific travelers, they can be a good option when traveling overseas in business class.

When you partner with a travel management company, they should be able to offer you air consolidator fares. Talk to your travel partner account manager to determine if air consolidator fares are the right choice for you!

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