BLOG: 5 Benefits of a Business Travel Program

Business travel program

Business travel programs provide many services that are beneficial for companies who need to be where there business is. For many, that means their employees must travel to places all across the country – and the world. Travel programs provide benefits for travel managers, travelers and companies as a whole.

Many people fear that investing in a business travel program takes away options and restricts what you can do and where you can go. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Travel programs are created to get your travelers where they need to go, when they need to get there, and in the manner in which they wish to arrive.

On top of the assurance of getting your travelers where they need to be, travel programs provide information and benefits that are either impossible for in-house travel planning, or would take hours to research – time that could be better spent on that project due by the end of the week…you know the one.  

1. Data Reporting / Analytics

Business travel programs assist in establishing the right KPIs to measure, and provide you with a strategic plan detailing how you can achieve your travel program objectives. The data you receive helps you benchmark your travel program against your peers. In addition, having access to insightful reports and actionable analytics is key to effectively managing your travel costs. Regular measurement of your progress toward goal attainment ensures that your strategic plan continues to be effective.

2. Cost-Savings

Travel programs save you money. With connections and networks across the globe, you’ll get the best travel plan with the best price. By identifying every cost-savings opportunity available and taking action to achieve those savings, a well-managed travel program can generally save companies 15% to 20% on employee travel.

3. Increased Productivity

Time your employees spend booking their trips on leisure travel websites is time that isn’t being spent growing your business. Company travel programs help you reduce the time your employees spend booking their travel and managing their itineraries with industry-leading online booking tools and agent support.

4. Peace of Mind

From routine travel inconveniences to more serious issues, your travelers have access to assistance 24/7/365. The ability to quickly locate and communicate with your travelers in the event of an emergency is a crucial part of your travel program. It’s your duty of care obligation to your employees. You can stay connected with your employees with ad-hoc traveler location reports to industry-leading traveler tracking software. Your travel program keeps your traveler covered and connected.

5. Continuous Improvement

Your travel program won’t deliver the expected ROI if it isn’t proactively managed. At Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited we developed a proactive, iterative four-step process of Plan, Do, Check, and Act. This detailed process ensures no area of your travel program falls through the cracks.


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